Thursday, August 12, 2021

How to Write Content That Sells


As technology is advancing and people are seizing the online platform to make another good income, some are not that fortunate due to the fact that they lack CONTENT THAT CAN SELL.

SOME FIND IT DIFFICULT to engage their audience via their content to buy from them or to market their products and services and this is what this post is all about, to give an EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT SOLUTION to this dilemma

So, if you are in the following niche, then your content matters in generating sales for you
1. Business
2. Marketing
3. Advertising
4. Copywriting
5. Content Marketing
6. Infopreneurship ie you are in the digital world or you are a writer or author
7. Entrepreneurship
8. Business Owners
9. Start-ups
10. Online Business
11. Website design
12. Graphic designing etc

In other words, as long as you are in the online business or in the above niche, IT IS YOUR CONTENT that will stand for you.

Your content stands as your advocate whether you are worthy enough to be an authority in solving their
problems or not.

The above niche or profession make you A CONTENT CREATOR but however, what kind of content creator are you?

Writing content is NOT JUST TO PUT UP WORDS but how you write or express your thoughts that your audience can actually relate with it and then ACT ON IT.

Does your content carry with it authenticity, results and emotions that cares?

If you don't care about the people you are trying to reach, YOUR CONTENT WILL LACK POWER to perform, this is the reason why as a content creator, you need to know how to write with EMPATHY.

Content creation is more than just using it to make money. This is where being a copywriter content creator SUPERSEDES ITS COUNTERPART which is content marketing

What is the difference? How can you tell the difference?

How can you write content that sells and truly connects with people to buy while they get solutions to their issues?

How do you connect and communicate with potential clients via your content?

What distinguishes a true content creator who sells from those who don't?

Is spelling and grammar important in writing a good sales copy?
Many think it doesn't matter. It does because it is what forms your entire content in the first place.

People will not mind your commas or punctuations, but will readily notice spelling mistakes or grammar if it is rampant and will turn back.

If you can't write in simple English of differentiating past, present, and future tenses with at least the basic nouns and pronouns, then you will definitely run into a lot of loses of sales due to this.

This is the reason why as a content creator, you need to learn to READ AND GET YOUR MIND TRAINED and not joke with your essential basic school.

In this result-giving writing content resource , you will get answers to ALL the questions I asked above eg there are 4 elements that must be within your content to make it sell, do you know them?

I will tell you ONE: YOUR INTRO.

Very important because it is what will determine whether your audience will stay with you till the end or not.

lastly, what should be the LENGTH of your content before it can sell?
These and more will you get from my ebook to help you.

You can get to my site here, because once you purchase, YOU ARE USING IT IMMEDIATELY TO CHANGE THE TONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and start writing content that your audience will not be able to refuse.


Do you have results for the content you are writing right now? Does it have an evidence? How are you using this marketing concept; THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SELLING?

Do you use it to disrupt your clients' privacy in the name of knowing their problems and in the end push the very people you are trying to make them buy from you? There is a proper to use this concept that your client will appreciate you

These and more are fully discussed plus a blue print of the enormous power of engaging copywriting rather than content marketing in your write up

Your content can sell, LEARN THE HOW TODAY!

Here is the ebook again

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