Tuesday, August 17, 2021

How to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown [8 Easy Ways]

This fear has kept many potential entrepreneurs from starting out in business and kept their gifts they could have used to change their world in perpetual bondage and cage and now IT IS TIME TO SET SUCH FREE, thus my message to you today.

Are you plagued by this fear? Paralyzed each time you are about to take a new venture to your dream and you are so paralyzed with this fear of unknown?

My dear friend, it is time to face that fear if you are to fulfill your purpose in life or get to your next level in life.

Every body you see today who amounted to something or achieved what no man had ever achieved had had to face their own fear of unknown. Check any industry you will see the same scenario.

Courage is not an absence of fear BUT THE ABILITY TO FACE THE FEAR!

I had had to face mine too even as I write, but it so worth it, because you will never know how much potential is buried in you, how much riches, wealth and exploits await you UNTIL YOU FACE THAT FEAR

I am not asking you to just jump into the unknown like that and be brave. No! I am asking you that before jumping into the unknown, do the following

1. Know what you TRULY DESIRE and know if it is worth taking the risk for. If where you are going is greater than where you are coming from, then it is worth the whole risk.
2. Gain adequate and relevant information on where you are going and what it will take you to get there. You don't jump with a parachute thinking it will open on the way. That is signing up for disaster. You don't go into the battle with an untested rifle.
3. Get coached. Get trained. It will build you stamina for what you are to encounter. It is like building your life's muscles.
4. Have a passion and vision that will not give up.
5. Get all the necessary tools for the journey that can and will enhance your success.
6. Have a business journal where you plan and master mind your take off and so you will know when you get there.
7. Prepare and plan for how to overcome what lies ahead. How to overcome the challenges on the way.
8. Burn the bridge and cut off all alternatives when you are ready. This ensures you succeed. No quitting

These 8 simple tricks are what I used to overcome my fear of unknown and jumped into the water and succeeded. People closed to me never thought I could make it. Well I did beyond their imagination

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