Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Monetizing your Knowledge


Hi there and welcome to another business insight to help you grow

I guess my topic to you today might not be new and may be, BUT IT IS A VERY SIGNIFICANT topic that can and will change your life, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO UNLOCK THE TREASURES WITHIN IT.

You are going through some financial hard up right? Perhaps you are in debt and it's like you are on the verge of losing everything as a result and no possible way of escape, things are so damn tight and no light in the tunnel? or you SUFFER a major setback in your business and to start up again is like difficult and you are on the verge of quitting?.

Do the above describe your case right now and don't KNOW PRECISELY what to do? I have good news for you my friend, THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE TUNNEL FOR YOU AND A WAY OUT.

You see, have been in this case before and I got out, how? That is my message to you today and I WILL BE ASKING YOU SOME QUESTIONS that will lead you to the answer, for questions are the answers.

when you are in a situation like this, it's like you need a miracle and you need to look around, so my question to you is

You see those three questions, in them lie your answer. The miracle you are looking for is in YOUR HOUSE, YOUR HAND AND IN WHAT YOU HAVE that has the ability to SOLVE SOMEONE'S PROBLEMS.

It doesn't matter whether you have eaten or not, YOU CREATE WHAT YOU WILL EAT FROM WHAT YOU HAVE OR IS IN YOUR hand, it doesn't matter whether it is insignificant, so I ask again, 'what do you have in your hand that can solve someone's problems right now?'

Identify it, you have? Good, but i don't have any money to do anything, you say. Then BORROW THE VESSEL NEEDED.

You see this is how the rich gets rich: THEY BORROW PEOPLE'S MONEY in the bank, package their products and then GO AND SELL, pay back the debts from the profit and then LIVE ON THE REST.

Now before you do this, you have to first UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLE OF SELLING, because this is the GAME CHANGER HERE, okay you don't know how to borrow, but do you have specialized knowledge that YOU CAN TEACH? Because the WAY OUT is to turn YOUR SKILL INTO MONEY.

You are an answer to someone's prayers, a bridge for someone to cross to the other side, you need to locate it, IT MIGHT LOOK LIKE THE WIDOW'S OIL but it did brought her out of her debt, her son's intended slavery by the creditors she owed and did come right on back from a bankrupt business and into the limelight, IF SHE CAN, SO CAN YOU but how did she do it?

How was her jar of oil able to help her? How was she able to pay her debts, come out of bankruptcy as a result? All these are all answered here

You can come out of that dilemma right now, you can come out of that debt, that setback business, and live again but you need knowledge, NOT JUST ANY KNOWLEDGE, BUT APPLIED KNOWLEDGE, the one that is practical enough to show you what to do and you can do or act on to see results.

The knowledge that can birth IDEAS into you and you soar like the Eagle, that is the knowledge you need and it is what I offer to you today, seize it, dwell on it, answer the questions sincerely, write down if necessary and then ACT.

Go for further knowledge UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO LEARN on it, IT MEANS YOU HAVE REACHED WHAT HELMSMAN SAID ON STUDY, 'SATURATION' that is THE INDEPTH KNOWLEDGE ABOUT A SUBJECT MATTER that you are able to use the INFORMATION AND TURN IT INTO A SKILL and use it to make money, that is what my resource this morning will do for you: BRING YOU OUT

Share your testimonies with me and blessed week ahead

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