Saturday, March 27, 2021

Turning Your Ideas into Realities


Happy weekend to you.
I want to ask you, 'Do you have ideas running through your mind and you have been trying to get them manifested, but it's like you are not getting anywhere, no matter what you do?'
Well, I have good news for you, it is possible. You just have to understand how your HUMAN MIND works.
Inside your mind is your imagination which is where your ideas are born, it is your inner eye and it is a different thing for you to see and for you TO HOLD IN YOUR HANDS WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN.
It is a different thing to see yourself rich and another to live RICH, get the point? good and that is my message to you this weekend.
To the glory of God, I have seen many of my ideas coming into realities again, even when I was NOT EVEN looking for it eg First when I was a kid and I read about a boy asking God and not receiving, then smith wigglesworth showed that boy the how. Ask God from your heart and know His heart that He wants you to have the best of things and thank Him for it and the boy asked for a balloon with a kite.
Smith wigglesworth told the boy to describe the balloon with the kite that God won't miss it that if he sees it outside. he will shout 'That is my kite with a balloon'
The boy got the message and did exactly that and started boasting about it all excited yet the balloon wasn't made manifested yet the boy was never gloomy, then one day, someone came to visit the parents and hold and behold the man asked of him as he was playing outside and he was called and hold and behold, THE EXACT KITE WITH THE BALLOON in the hand of the man and with the man a coupled of them and told him 'have always wanted to buy this for you, but I kept forgetting and I wanted to surprise you so as a result of my delay, I bought as much and then to say thank you, I bought you some extra lollipop you love and some candies too'
Tears swell up in the eyes of the boy and he looked up to heaven and said 'Thank you, thank you and thank you. I have received the gift i asked for and thank you for the additions too, they are well received and appreciated.'
That story stuck with me for life and it has been the way I have been asking God for things ever since and I have seen Him do it again and again eg I have been asking God and picturing myself been at the top of my class in high school, it came to pass when I met God at the assembly ground in my sec school.
2. Saw myself in the University, It came to pass, even after making one of the highest JAMB result of the 1992 set then, 208, that Jamb that year was so bad, that university of Ilorin had to step down to 180 as cut off mark, yet no entrance, so when I was told they didn't know what was going on, I went into the word and use Isaiah 43 and by the time I was back [I had a small job after ss3 to buy time], my name had appeared in 3 places, I was told to come and select which i will prefer: Botany, Chem/Edu or Bio/Edu, I went for the third one and a graduate with double honours as B.SC[ED] to God's glory
So many to share, even based on films to watch, I see it happen before me even though I had forgotten all about it including meals I have loved and cherished, I see them happen, it was then I knew that THE LAW OF ATTRACTION is very true: YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU SEE OR SAY.
This is how I got laptops, android phones etc even now.
To make your ideas a reality, you need to know how to connect with the universe and how your mind works in connection to it.
You need to know how to turn that imagination into realities or else you will continually live in frustration, this is where reading helps you to see the way to it.
In my mind building artillery, I wrote the how down explaining in full details how i have been able to turn my ideas into realities again and again including coming out of debts.
Here is the link if you are interested
 you need to learn how to bring those treasures in you out INTO REALITIES like I do, believe me, I have so many that I can't share them enough
Blessed weekend ahead
Just turned 2 of my long ideas into realties this week
Two years buried ebooks came alive and sold online 
  1. How to Become a Successful Online Entrepreneur
2. The Widow and the Oil

Am telling you, I got all these done in ONE WEEK, yet it had been buried in me for 2 YEARS!
Have buried ideas for years: 2-10 years yet nothing? eh, it doesn't need to take too long, mine wasn't, let my mind building ebook show you the step by step to get it, BELIEVE ME, it will surprise you, HOW SUPER EASY IT IS IF YOU KNOW THE HOW, KNOW IT NOW!

Clients are having testimonies, let yours be next

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