Thursday, March 4, 2021

Marketing VS Advertising: Are They The Same?


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we see these two concepts been interchanged pretty often but are QUITE DIFFERENT

I don't know if you have had the opportunity of being taught SETS or subsets, am not a mathematician, but SETS is one of my best topic in maths while in high school, now a set is just a group of numbers in a BOX eg [1,2,3,4....] is a set of ordinary numbers, [2,4,6,...] is a group of SET of even numbers, now 4 is a subset of both ordinary and even sets, meaning 4 is a subset of [2,4,6,...] because it can be found in both boxes, so is marketing and advertising.

Advertising IS A SUBSET of marketing and NOT MARKETING ITSELF, it is like an arm of the real deal.

Marketing is vast and thus the essence why you need to know the difference, so you know how to PLAY your business online eg now you know advertising is not marketing per se, it GIVES YOU AN OPPORTUNITY to reprogram your business marketing campaign to give you your desired results eg In marketing, there is your customer experience, that doesn't require an advert, BUT IT IS A VERY POWERFUL ESSENTIAL TOOL in building a thriving business.,

what of communication skills? This is the MARKETING SKILL that spells your success in ADVERTISING, you blow it here, your advertising will be a disaster, knowing how to connect and communicate with your clients is MARKETING and NOT ADVERTISING, and it is something you need to know how to do before you launch.

Launching a product IS THE ADVERTISING CHANNEL of marketing and how you do it is what spells the way YOU MARKET the product, everything in marketing must be integrated if success is to be spelled. eg the following are what constitutes MARKETING

1. Product/Services

2. Communication skills

3. Customer experience

4. Sales

5. Advertising

6. Copywriting

7. SEO 

8. Content marketing

9. Affiliateship

10. Networking, just to mention a few, so the issue is how much of marketing are you actually utilizing in building your online business and business at large?

Don't even know how to start? Begin by knowing the CONCEPTS that form the NICHE CALLED MARKETING and then use each concept to build


You can go here 

This way you will know the best way to bring your marketing to LIFE!

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