Friday, March 26, 2021

How to Become a Successful Online Entrepreneur


With the rapid change going on in the world today via Technology, numerous ordinary people have found solitude in online business and some have made a name for themselves and some are not that fortunate and so result in scamming and robbing people of their hard earned money, so more people are being careful and so successful Online entrepreneurs are getting fewer by the day and thus the essence of sharing my secrets of building a successful online business and thus being a successful online entrepreneur
Many think that the online business or the internet is a scammy place but I have come to tell you it is not so. It is a GLOBAL NETWORK, a system of communications and methods of commerce by allowing various computer networks around the world to interconnect.
This means internet is connecting a network of computers to one another supplying information etc across the globe, thus the name WORLD WIDE WEB, been carved from a spider as NET. This is where the www and https come into existence and that is the only way you can be connected to the global network.
As at 2020, over 4.5 billion people across the globe are now connected to the internet and this is where online business is the RICHEST in the world as you are connected to the GLOBAL NETWORK via the www and https url or link, this is where running or owning a website or blog gets you seen by anyone with a computer or a connection by a network provider and thus you easily transact online, and in as much as there is connectivity and money, you can be successful.
Online business is something that is NOT SCAMMY if done properly and it is the safest place to do business and interact with the global network and FIND LIKE MINDED PEOPLE LIKE YOU.
It becomes scammy when people are there to EXPLOIT people by providing false information on products and services that are not real and thus people are scared of such.
It is to help people like me, who couldn't perhaps use their physical body to work due to ill health etc and yet still wants to be useful to earn to take care of themselves and their families and be successful to help others.
I know I may not have made my millions but am grateful for the successes I have made online since i entered into this cyber space on Nov 4 2013 and oh the joy of earning online by connecting with earning sites at the online world which I have shared with you on this page like SFI, RAGP, FLEXXITY, RECA and Ecommergy, Smashwords and Amazon, then creating my own Ecommerce site on my own [Still work in progress]
You see these legit sites are making millions and billions because THEY UNDERSTOOD THE ONLINE WORLD, it is a GLOBAL NETWORK OF COMPUTERS like a cyber space.
Do you understand GLOBAL SPACE OF COMPUTERS connecting together? How much do you think will be on that space yearly? TRILLIONS , now you think your success is tied to that job when you have another computer in your hand via your smartphone and you sit down there saying these sites and the online world is a scam? YOU ARE FAR FROM THE TRUTH! YOU NEED YOUR INNER EYES TO BE OPENED
There is a RIGHT WAY OF DOING THINGS, you don't take action, YOU WILL BE LEFT BEHIND and only you will regret it.
Just as you have things done in the physical world, so we have it in the ONLINE WORLD too, just this time, IT IS VIRTUAL
There is food called knowledge there and restaurants, which when you locate online, you connect offline.
There is the shopping mall via Jumia etc
There is the banking Industry taking their share and connecting with clients online for free registering of accounts and they are having explosive subscribers daily
There is the advertising arm, name anything physically, you will find its counterparts online, this is why, you need to understand the online world
SEIZE THAT WORLD NOW eg on Flexxity online, I have up to $4000 worth of services there [as the writing of this post], so if I come tomorrow or you hear i made over $4000 online, HELLO, I MADE IT VIA THAT SITE because it has a huge customer base and most of these sites mentioned above use the business strategy known as THE LAW OF PARTNERSHIP to grow and key into the online world eg RAGP partnered with glo, mtn, etisalat, airtel, cable providers, those with the GIANT NETWORKS in the online world and made billions and you are saying IT IS A SCAM? HELLO, ignorant men are the ones that think like that, when you understand the ONLINE WORLD, oh my God, you will TAKE DECISIVE ACTION IMMEDIATELY, me I don't waste time.
A business owner, or self employed ARE NOT ENTREPRENEURS, why? They own SHOPS NOT COMPANIES, THEY HAVE APPRENTICES AND NOT EMPLOYEES, get the gist ? but the online world helps you become one, by creating a website for yourself and you connect with the global network to bring your business online to help people via your products and services and you get PAID IN ANY CURRENCY in the world [let that SINK IN for awhile]
That is the juicy there eg on the 19th Of MARCH after receiving my Feb royalty from smashwords in $, i got a sales report that I made a sale from KOBO in NZD ie New Zealand Dollar [Believe me, I have never made such IN MY ENTIRE LIFE COMBINED, LOL, BUT THE ONLINE WORLD MADE IT POSSIBLE]
Again I made another sale in Feb which they paid me in March at odilo [another smashwords retail outlet online in euros] This client bought one of my marketing ebooks, [how to become a great salesman with 25 steps] in euros and he was from SPAIN, wow. Yet it was made while sleeping.
From scribbled, I made $35.10, one time, sometimes my royalty climbs to $100 or $68.10 and all WITHDRAWN, some I use for my SFI business, so I don't use my personal money to run my online business and this is minus my commissions made in SFI, again in $
It is ONLY ONLINE can you make money while sleeping, once you set the system up and running, you can't on your own, you partner with successful sites who have the tools.
Money in $, euros, yen, pounds etc oh my is way far better than your national currency o and you don't need to DOPE ANYONE TO GET IT [I just shared sites THAT PARTNERS with businesses to help them grow online, SEIZE THEM NOW and use that phone network in your hand to start
I started in NOV 4 2013 with just my NOKIA C2 but today not anymore, now am using an android phone and owning a laptop plus soon a lot of other business tools like an Iphone etc and it is possible because I HAVE SET LOTS OF SYSTEMS DOWN TO GET IT

want to know more on how to seize this cyber space and build a successful online business plus LEARN HOW TO BECOME AN ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR, IF YOU ARE ALREADY RUNNING AN ONLINE BUSINESS and tour the world from your earnings while sleeping, solving people's problem in the process, getting paid for it? Go here

It will surprise you the amazing things you can achieve in the online world and fulfill your dreams while serving others in the global network

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