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Personal Development School

 Today, I am sharing with you the secret to success and greatness in life and that is personal development ie your ability to build yourself and self esteem and no one can possibly do that for you

📌What are you going to be in life is dependent on it
📌How great you will become is dependent on it
📌How you are going to end is all dependent on it
📌it is the path to the transformation or results you are looking for
I have seen many tell me they don't have time to read. I should just summarise everything for them, most times, I just shook my head, and do the best I can and I knew they won't go far and later, they are still on the same spot
✔️When you are not ready to take 💯% responsibility of your life and you keep avoiding the hard work, you will end up being left behind disappointed about life and all 👉 back to your lack of personal development
✔️Those who don't study to build up their minds easily get cheated via their ignorance and they pay more for it . The path to wealth leads to what you know. So what do you know? This is why the Bible says My people perish for lack of knowledge, meaning they don't want to learn
📌Tony Robbins
I don't need to introduce him to you, he is a well known man and wasn't born lucky. In fact his life was far from wealth at the beginning. He was fat, had no job, was living in a one shabby apartment until one day, he got sick of it, he wanted more out of life and right there, with no cash at the beginning, he went to the library and began to read on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
The more he read, the more his inner eyes were opened, the more he knew he had to change. then he began the steps.
He wrote down what he wanted, he doesn't matter how impossible it seemed, he wrote them down, he was rewriting his destiny, his life.
This man kept reading on health, finance etc that were in LINE WITH WHAT HE WANTED TO BECOME that he was later called THE 700 📚 IN ONE man and today people are paying him huge money for that transformed, rich and healthy life with the woman of his dreams
He had to learn the art of having a godly and happy marriage and today he has gotten it, because he learnt what he needed to do to change to get it and he does.
You don't need to envy him or anyone in his shoes because he paid the price for what he wanted. Can you pay the price for yours?
All these celebrities today you see, never started like that, they all started just like you and me. They had dreams too but they choose to pay for it and go for it. They ALL BURNT THE MIDNIGHT OIL, they all work their butts for in learning the path to where they want to go. Are you?
📌My Story
My life took a new turn in late 1998, when I was just given my primary assignment in the shell science scheme and I was with the NCCF (they are the corpers fellowship who took us in then to help us till we were able to stand on our feet and when it was our turn, we did the same to the next set. We housed and fed them and showed them the ropes to the city till they too could stand on their feet. This usually takes two weeks)
So on this day, I had the opportunity to listen to a sermon by Bishop Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church (this wonderful man of God made me love knowledge) oh his love for 📚 changed, transformed my life.
Reading books changed his life. His first born David Jr had First Class in the abroad university he went then, in the USA and his father received the message from the 🏫 that he reads too much 😂 😂 and he wrote 🔙 to them that he has a resemblance to him as his father
His son saw the dividends of knowledge and pursued the same. Now bishop Oyedepo is the richest pastor in Nigeria and one in the world
This is not about competing with anyone, this is the aftermath of the personal development he did for himself
One time, he said when he was coming from a ministration from the USA, and the wife asked him what he brought and he brought out a big bag full of 📚 and said 'feed on these, it will give you all the clothes and shoes you can ever wear'. Oh she has more that she has lost count today
You can't get to winners chapel and not been in awe of the elegance and beauty of each parish, not to talk of faith tabernacle at canaanland otta(pls just google that church and see)
Winners members don't play with books. Bishop personally has jets or ✈ of his own not even from the tithes and offerings (he doesn't touch God's money: the offering). He taught me a lot about the mind and ministry and how to run one successfully and according to scriptures
I bought virtually all his books my hands could get and fed them on them, so when my health was failing and I was getting tired, it wasn't difficult to know what to do next. I had loved ministry and I had seen ministers who succeeded who read the word of God and who prayed and knew how to use those tools to grow the ministry, so I spoke to God about it on Aug 15 2007 and God said I should resign and come work for Him (I had known the path) it was so pretty easy for me to face the unknown because I had learnt the ropes. I had read the path and now I see my way and I made it within the period I was in full time
During that period, God selected 📚 for me to read because I will be dealing with people and leading people so I need to learn the how
so came along John C Maxwell and all his leadership 📚, I devoured them, then Joyce Meyer, Td Jakes, Benny Jinn, Kenneth Hagin snr, Chris Oyakilome and too numerous I can't even count and oh I saw miracles, healing in all my meetings, (I wrote all in my book 'How to receive your miracle from God', you can ask for it by clicking the link. People from all over the world buy it eg India and Namibia etc) you too can receive your miracle from God
Via all my readings, daddy God advanced me in going to Winners Bible school where I learnt so much in ministry
when it came to finance, God lead me to Scot Anderson who wrote 'Think like a billionaire ', followed by Zig Ziglar's book 'See you at the top', I read that book till it worn out
Then I met Robert Kiyosaki's 📚
✔️Rich dad and poor dad
✔️The cash flow quadrant
My finances literally took a new dimension. I built on what I learnt and from it learnt more on wealth building
Right now, there is a resource I have that can help you financially and teach you and your kids on how to be financially free. It is a PAPER COPY and it is FREE but it will just take your shipping and handling, IF YOU WILL BE INTERESTED AND GET A COPY, THEN go HERE
All these piles of knowledge made me both a writer and an author in 28 digital products sold all over the world today via smashwords and on amazon
something I never 💭 possible in my life. My personal development made it possible
📌Lastly, to be frank with you, this path is not going to be easy when you are gradually becoming more than those around you
📌When you want to leave the crowd in the valley, there you will find friends who will tell you not to try, they have tried it and didn't make it, so never bother (that is not you, that is their limitations and not yours)
📍When you don't listen, it will become A WARNING 'look I told you I tried, it didn't work out. You think I don't want to be successful too? I have told you my own'
📍You still keeping at climbing the 🗻 top of success, it becomes a THREAT 'okay, I never knew you are this stubborn. If you meet your Waterloo, don't come to me o. I am not available. Don't think you get a friend here. '
📌You continue to climb, the next thing will be mockery, then rejection, then stoning, meaning bearing false witness against you, gossiping about you (the true colour of your associates emerges)
📍Then if you keep on moving and climbing that 🗻 top and they see you do what they couldn't and failed in, then they follow you all the way that there is hope for them
Look the path to success is not an easy path. It will require everything from you but once you taste it, oh my bro, there is no going 🔙
You want more of my teachings? you can enroll for my online courses in
☑️Marketing (There are three classes :Beginner's class for those who know nothing in marketing and are pure novice: 1 month
Intermediate class for those who are knowledge able but what to be productive :2 months
Professional class : those who are already good but want to be more, want to know more and be the best they can be:3 months
Total of 6 months intensive marketing coaching course program
☑️Investment /money: This is where you will be taught on personal development as it deals with MONEY, what it is, where it started from, where it came from, how it flows and HOW TO BE A MASTER OF YOUR TIME AND BE HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE AT WHATEVER YOU DO.

A surgeon who attended in 2018, told me that to be frank, he has been having teachers but NOT LIKE ME, that he can't thank me enough for the TRANSFORMATION he has experienced. He has remained a friend and a great helper in the end.

Your life too will never remain the same
☑️Ministerial wise 3 months
☑️Writing coaching program where you learn how to write and use it to make money online like I do. It comes with teaching you how sell and be a copywriter where you are able to help people with what you know
The picture are some of my personal development materials that you can lay your hands in to start
Don't wish for things to happen, make things happen, DEVELOP YOU, EMBRACE KNOWLEDGE TODAY

For any of the above coaching service, you can whatsapp this blog on +234810441884

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