Sunday, October 11, 2020

Money Concept 101

Hello and welcome to another business insight to help you build your financial empire and today, I will love to talk about an important aspect that ACTUALLY AFFECTS EVERY AREA OF LIFE: MONEY.

And in this blog today, i will be teaching you just the basics of 
  • What is Money?
  • Where did it start from?
  • Where did it come from?
  • How does it flow?
  • How you can have lots of it just like the rich do.
What is Money?
Money is JUST A PROMISSORY 📝 made by the government to do and seal transactions based on the equivalent by the owner who wants to do business.
In other words, I can put whatever money I want on my products based on the equivalent value within the product that will satisfy my prospects and give in much value to them that helps them achieve their own results and money with freedom
💵 How Money started
You see, before money came, trade by barter was the exchange but as time went on, it became gold, silver, brass, bronze, diamonds etc
Those had values in themselves and you can change it, into another thing eg gold not sold can be used to create wrist watches, necklaces etc and people will still buy
But as technology advanced and the industrial age paved way for the information age, transaction had to change, carrying loads of gold etc was risky at night, so the government of the world deviced another means of transaction
In my country, it was first shillings, then kobo, then notes known as FIAT CURRENCY aka promissory notes, so transaction was a lot faster but lost its value. It can't be used for anything but business transactions, so money in itself, had NO MORE VALUE
It's just a paper note that can change at anytime and it becomes useless. I have seen this happen several times in my country
🎯 However, Where did Money actually come from?
This is where it gets so interesting
Money started from what nature provided around us. What do I mean?
Governments of the world found the 🌲 Gymnosperm( a naked seed plant that is a soft tree as the best tree to use to make money, because of its pulpness
So with it, the government with their printing templates created money, meaning money tools are from the resources God gave man
Now, it became a taboo for ordinary citizens to use this tree with a money making template and make their own money. Why? It must bear the emblem of the nation, so that all across that country, it will be the same 💱 and transaction can be done with ease
🎯 How can you have more money?
Since citizens can't create their money from the tree, how then can you have more of it?
Well it is to connect to where it is been produced
This is where salaries come to play, you have to be employed by the government, because that is where the money is
This is why people go into politics. Those in government have it in surplus but what about you, who isn't employed by the government, how do you have your share?
Good question. In fact that was the question I asked myself too and this was the Answer I discovered on my own
💶 Money is all around you
What do I mean? It means around you is nature's resources too just like the government did. Look around you, what can you see?
You have a free space of land, that is money there. Where? By farming it. People need food at this time
☑ Production sector
like I told you above, look around you and look inward, what can you do with it? What can you produce at this time? Can you bake etc? In one word use your God given skill
💱 So what other ways can you make more money or make money flow to you?
💱 How many ways do money flow?
💱 How do you invest at this time to make more 💰?

I found 3 MAJOR WAYS that money do flow and the rich made a massive flow from, which are
  1. Time Money [I discussed about this on my blog here
  2. Energy
  3. Value
My question is 'How do you tap into these ways of money flow to have more money flow towards you and how do you tap into the wealth embedded in time? Is there any money or wealth in time?
All these and more are all wrapped in my money online course program I call Time Managerial Money Concept 101 where you learn the following (I have even upgraded it as I have discovered more and has helped both my clients and I made money)
Even when my business was attacked to the ground and I had to begin again, this concept helped me back up again and am gradually Picking up again and making my money online got sign ups for my affiliate and network marketing businesses ➕ helped my team do the same eg in Jan 2020, on one of my online sites as royalty, I withdrew $68.01 virtually pulling no strings, the site does the major work for me, sold over 50+ ebks, then add a prospect whom I did a business logo for and loved it and gave me $50 for it (this is using my skill to make money), not bad in coming 🔙 right?
So it doesn't matter which states you are in financially, you can get back up through this money concept 101 course, where
💱 you will be taught deeper on what you learnt today
💱 You will be taught about how money flows, so you key into its flow eg wealth flows in the direction of energy (but how is energy related to money? Well the course will show you indepth)
💱 You will be taught how to perform at your peak, so you make money more at lesser time (there is a technique to that
💱 You will be taught on investment, how to and which one to avoid and do and the risks to do and avoid (I learnt these from the gurus in the industry like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet etc) and it had helped me not to lose money in business, it will help you too And lots more that I can't share here
So if you are interested, it is a course worth a $1,000 per month, I truncated into $300, 😱 yeah. It's a ONE MONTH COURSE that will help you get
👉Your desired results in money aspect
Everybody is trying to survive but me I want to thrive and help people too
I will be adding the webinar I did in one of my whatsapp group titled 'HOW TO CREATE AN HOME BASED BUSINESS ', you will be given the link when you register for the course
oh my God, am so super excited about it, because it's what have been doing since Feb 2008, shortly after I resigned from my teaching job and I don't regret it one bit.
I was able to create the following for myself :
🙌My desired results beyond my wildest dreams, having 29 digital products sold all over the world in my name plus creating an amazing powerful online courses for the STRUGGLING entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, self employed and startups to help them triple their sales plus help them experience success in their physical, mental and spiritual lives all wrapped in one
🙌Returns on Investment
🙌Freedom in time and 💰
Infact, this is your best time ever to start one. The world needs you right now
So if you are interested and to start with the course fee, pls whatsapp me on +2349091983452 (pls if you are from non English speaking country, kindly use the Google Translator) or here

Hope to hear from you soonest and as soon as you finish reading this. This is YOUR TIME SEIZE IT NOW

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