Sunday, November 4, 2018

Time Management Techniques

Today's blog post is to help you achieve the best version of yourself by knowing how to best manage your time to achieve more for yourself.

Everything you are ever going to become in life is tied to your time usage.

Once upon a time, I never knew the power of what time holds that I do what I want when I feel perfect about it.

I mean my life was in disorder. I was virtually late for school etc that led to procrastination.

It got so bad that one of my high school teachers told me 'you will likely be late for your wedding'

I was not in control of my life until one day in sept 1999, while serving my nation in one of the States in Nigeria, I sat down and began to pour my soul into a write up I titled 'Time'

That was my turning point. Actually I wrote that article for me, until one day the editor of my fellowships' newsletter asked me for an article and i gave him my article on Time

I read that part of the newsletter till I wore it off. I mean it was an eye opener that today has enabled me not only to control my time, but enabled me to accomplish much more since then.

By the way, due to the changes that article did in me, I re wrote my destiny and I was not late for my wedding.

In less than few years, I had built assets for myself that if sold run into billions.

It has enabled me to create 28 digital products sold on Amazon and Smashwords and are 5 stars.

My performance and productivity skyrocketed.

As I maximize my time and explore time more, I realize that inside time lies the needed money I need to realize my dreams known as Time Money

We all have 24 hours in a day right? Yet we still see the poor and the rich being produced by that same time content.

My question: how do you use your time? Do you spend it or do you trade with it?

The word 'trade' can also mean 'invest'

Just like money, time is a life currency. If you spend it on what does not count, it won't come back to you and it is lost.

But if you invest it on what can build you, then it will come back to you in rich dividends that will build up a fortune for you. I am a proof of that.

My digital products have yielded untold money my way via selling on websites, blog or even via my online business/marketing coaching courses.

Time is paying me back for my investment within it time and time again.

Time is a luxury that you cannot spend anyhow.
Check my blog for more on Time and Money for more on this

But today I want to help you by teaching time management techniques that you can use to perform at your peak and be highly productive. So how do you do that?

1. Awareness of Time
When you realize that your life has an expiry date of death, you will be alert that nature or God has given you a certain period of time on earth to finish your life's mission, you will work with this mentality that 'you have no time to waste'.
Once that is realized, you move to

2. Planning
Here you will need to plan your life and i mean everything and based it on the following time frames;
A. Yearly: what will you like to accomplish in the next one year
B. Bi-yearly: That is what you would like to achieve in 6 months
C. Quarterly: this is for every three months. There are 4 quarters in a year. what do you want achieved by the ending of each quarter
D. Monthly
E. Fortnightly ie every two weeks
F. Weekly
G. Daily
You see planning is like the map that gives the direction or path to your destination which is your goals.

So without realistic plans, your time will be useless and so will your life.

To maximize your life therefore, you must first learn to plan your life on a life or business journal and set a reasonable and realistic time frame on it. Then

3. Prioritize
If you don't do this, you will make a full mess of your time
Prioritize based on these 4 elements
a. Urgent and important
b. Urgent and not important
c. Not urgent and important
d. Not urgent and not important

Many miss out on this and so couldn't take control of their lives.

To take 4. Control of your life is to learn to do the above and prioritise.

Do it in such a way that once you have planned your time, never allow anyone save God to come and disrupt it.

You do, you have just allow such individual to steal the success of that day.

If it is your spouse, you need to tell your spouse if that request will have to cancel your plan for that day, that you didn't budget that to your timing for that hour and it will have to be the next day

Politely emphasize that if he/she wants you to do something he/she should tell you the day before.

This is using the planning and prioritizing time management techniques to fully maximize your time to be fully efficient.

5. Efficiency
Time efficiency lies in your ability to control, plan and prioritize your time

Time is money because each sec spent is time wasted.

If 1sec=$1 and you spend 1 year of 365 days on pleasure and drinking etc? Do you know that you have just burnt $31,536,000 away like that? What? Yep. How?

Well read my blog article on Time and Money to see how it adds up

The last technique is 6; Reminder
You will need to put up a reminder for yourself either by wearing a wrist watch which by the way is very important or by getting an alarm clock.

It enables your mind to coordinate what you have scheduled for that time frame

Remember time waits for no man. You are on a mission and if you want your life to count, then learn to maximize your time

I am holding a 3 weeks Time Managerial Money Course Concept 101 for those who are struggling to take hold of their Time to be more and do more.

You will learn in simple ways how you can perform at your peak and be highly productive as you can see from above and turn your time into money, utilizing the power of your energy and harnessing it in the direction of money.

At the end of this time course, you will be in perfect control of your life, achieving more and becoming more and a better version of yourself.

You will love your new life and be more efficient with your time.

If you are interested, contact me through my mail at or whatsapp me on +2349091983452 to enroll and the details of payment and training will be delivered to you fully

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