Sunday, November 4, 2018

Business Coaching

Are you struggling to generate sales in your business or do you have a website or an opt in page or an email list and yet is not converting at all or you have tried all the business logistics yet no buying clients?

Is your marketing campaign a fiasco and you don't know what else to do and you are getting frustrated every minute?

Have you tried every virtual assistant you can think of and yet is like wasted money and back to square one or you seriously know nothing about entrepreneurship or business yet you wish or long that you know how to run one and that efficiently, effectively and successfully too?

If this is you then I will encourage you to enroll for my Yeshua Business Coaching Course Program under my business academy known as Elohim Business Coaching Course Academy where your business dreams become a reality and your total man a success.

What is the course all about?
The course runs 15 courses under 3 phases or main outlines which are based on three fundamental business principles of building a profitable, durable, long lasting and successful business, which are:

1. Foundation
Here are 5 layouts which are called Quarry Stones that you need to put into your business before it can stand the test of time.

These quarry stones are;
A. The 15 common mistakes to avoid when starting out in business

B. The real purpose of starting a business.
Many are yet to be aware that they need just 3 major reasons to start their business which will still make them relevant till tomorrow.

What are these reasons? You will find them in the coaching course

C. The power of taking risk in investment in business
Here you will learn the laws of Money flow, the 4 money quadrants and the types of investment and the ones to avoid

D. The laws that govern business
You will learn up to 30 of these laws and how to operate them

E. How to generate a cash flow in your business
You will be taught the practical way to this in raising capital for your business

2. The Business Structure
Here you will be taught 5 main pillars that you will be building on your business foundation above which depicts your launching strategy and they are:

a.  Finding your genre in business.
Here you will learn the exact genre your business ought to be and the best relevant 10 genres which will still be relevant into the future.

This is very important because as technology advances some niches will no longer be needed. Do you know them? If not, then you need this course.

b. Creating products and services that sell themselves
Do you have?

c. Creating your brand in business.
How you brand or package your business matters. Do you know how to brand your business? If not, this course will show you the best way to go about it.

d. Identifying your clients
This is where most businesses miss it. They think their business is for everybody, they are wrong.

News flash: Talking to everybody, IS TALKING TO NO ONE.

What to do? You need to know those who truly needs you. How? The course will teach you the how, you won't miss it anymore.

Your message will be CRYSTAL CLEAR AND PRECISE

e. Connecting with your clients
Once the 4th pillar is laid, you will be taught the MOST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT way to connect and communicate with your clients to buy from you.

3. Sales Funnel: Marketing Luncheon
This is the last phase where you will be taught the concept of marketing to help you grow your business marketing campaign to generate consistent sales

Here you will be taught:
i. How to build an effective marketing campaign
ii. How to construct an effective advert both offline and online
iii. How to identify what sells
Very important. Most people sell what people don't need
iv. How to wrap your products and services to what people need
v. Go global
Here you will be taught the 3 aspects to business growth, one of which is exponential growth which produces exponential sales

What is in it for you?
1. You will be given proven and tested business and marketing materials with your coaching manual

2. There is a return on your investment

3. You will be connected to websites that can build your business exponentially and yield exponential sales too for you. I partner with these sites as well and make money while sleeping

4. Your discovered hidden talent will be developed to generate additional passive income for you

5. An effective Money generated email list will be taught you and constructed as well

6. Your website or blog on sales automation

7. High performance

8. High time efficiency

9. High productivity

These are just few that you stand to enjoy, as your business structure is discovered more, more benefits will be accrued to you as you progress.

This business coaching program is for 3 months and the tuition fee is $3,000.

If you are interested, you can contact me via my mail at or whatsapp me on +2349091983452 and I will get back to you on the mode of payment.

Questions on the course are welcomed

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