Thursday, October 11, 2018

How to Grow Your Business

Welcome to another entrepreneur digest to help you grow your business.

So if you are just starting out, this article will teach you how to grow your business from scratch.

I have been in the business and marketing industry since sept 1999 and started my company Jesus Ventures Limited International on April 7 2012 and i thank God for how far God has enabled the company so far spreading to the four corners of the world via our infoproducts and services, so i know what it means to be a successful online business entrepreneur and so my teaching is very practical and the truth of how i built mine from scratch too.

Very soon, we are launching offline, impacting and helping more businesses to succeed.
So how do you grow your business from scratch?

The first step is to know your MISSION  STATEMENT. Inside this mission statement is your REAL REASON OF EXISTENCE and what will make your business last after you are gone.

If your primary purpose of your starting your business is just to make money, believe me, you won't soon shut down because once sales is no more flowing, you will shut down the business. For this not to happen, you must have three principal and true reasons why you should start your business and one of them is SOLVING PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS. So it is not all about you but about your customers.

So what about the remaining two, i wrote the whole three in my book, 'THE REAL PURPOSE OF STARTING A BUSINESS'  which will show you in full detail on the REAL PURPOSE that your business needs to stand on before you plunge into the business world because you will be met with a whole of business challenges some of which if you are not truly prepared, you might give up on the way.

So lay your hand on the book and know whether you are not a culprit to the wrong way of starting your business.

That said, the second step is to teach you based on the construction of a house which is based on three concepts:
1. Foundation
2. Structure: This is where the windows, doors, etc are fixed too as well
3. Roofing

Using these concepts in business is in the following ways:

1. Business Foundation
Here, the materials you use in building your business matters a lot. what do i mean? The following are business materials; Patience, Determination, wisdom, investment, personal development, thirst and hunger to learn, knowledge, understanding, leadership skills etc. Those are business materials which are great criteria needed to build a solid and growing business.

You don't take time to build these criteria, your business can't and won't grow. Your business grows to the level you grow, so if you are not growing within, you can't expect yourself to grow without.

To build a solid foundation, you need to avoid mistakes that new start ups make when starting out, one of them is STARTING THEIR BUSINESS IN DEBT, this is like milking their business before it has started growing. Don't make that mistake. Another one is combining personal account with business account. NO!

You need to dig deep instead of digging wide, you will drive yourself too thin. This moves us to the next step.

2. Business Structure.
Your structure is based on the following:
a. The genre or niche in which your business is. This is very important as there are some niches that will no longer be relevant into the future. How would you know? 

I have a business online course that explains this in full.

b. Your ideal client
You need to know the kind of audience you are truly sent to. TALKING TO EVERYBODY IS TALKING TO NO ONE. So all these my business is for everybody is not the way to do business. You are beating about the bush and you are not laser focused.
There are two types of audiences:
1. Generic audience which is the general audience
2. Targeted audience which is the main or narrowed audience that your business actually needs. You are not sent to everybody just a few.

c. Connecting and communicating with ideal clients.

Lastly in growing your business, is the roofing of your business house so to say which is your SALES FUNNEL or marketing luncheon because this is where the success of your business lies. 

Your business feeds on SALES and without sales, there is no money to run anything and that is why it is very important to have a marketing skill to be able to know the best way to run sales for your business.

if you put the above to use, you will see rapid growth in your business. May be you asked 'How do i face the business challenges on the way?

 Get my book on it here. It will help you and if you love it and found mammoth help and results, kindly give your review on the site and you can enroll for my 3 Months, Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business from Scratch   which will show you in vivid ways to grow your business using these templates with business materials with practicals to guide you and help you, if you are interested, please contact me using the contact form.

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