Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How to Generate Sales and Leads on the Social Media

Hello and welcome to another entrepreneur digest to help you grow your business, this time i will be teaching you on how to grow your business on the social media.

As the name depicts, the social media is like a social gathering and should be seen as such as facebook and others are STRICTLY doing just that.

So just bombarding the social media will adverts will never work. You can't go for a cocktail party for instance and start talking to strangers about your business opportunity, they will see you as a nuisance and perhaps a thief and that my friend can be discriminating to both your personality and credibility.

Now facebook is even more strict by changing their algorithm. what does that mean? Facebook algorithm simply means their search engine. They programmed their search engine with codes with certain keywords that when used it appears more on the news feed and thus people can see more of such posts or it get buried and it is not seen at all or it is termed as spam eg Money

Another thing is you need to let your content be relevant to what your audience wants and be intentional that they either like, or comment or share your post, this way it gets seen more on the news feed and thus more people are able to see it to connect and communicate with you

So many to share here, but the primary part of is, 
1. Build relationship and sincere one with people. stop spamming people you don't know and then don't send friend request just to advertise, it is very bad. it is like using a girl for sex and then dumping her. No one wants to be used, NOT EVEN YOU!
2. Give rich and valuable content on your services or products.
3. Know your mission statement. Always program what each day is going to be. You don't need to be on the social media 24/7.
4. Use the 80/20 rule ie use 80% info and 20% on promo or advert. People are looking for information to solve their problems and not buy products. If your products solve that problem, wonderful. But how will they know, until they know who you are.
5. Build trust and credibility. People buy into the person before buying into the product.
6. Know your audience's needs before connecting with them.
7. create a facebook business page and build it.

How do you build a business page on facebook and monetize it? Get my social media book on my site to know more and learn more on other ways to generate both leads and sales as well on the social media.

I have been generating both leads and sales on the social media since sept 2014 and this year 2018 it blew. So what is shared with you and more in my book as enabled both my clients and I to gain engagements and leads plus sales as well. It is your turn. Get the book and see you on the inside.

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