Thursday, October 25, 2018

How to Build an Effective Marketing Campaign

I realized that people don't really understand marketing before they venture into their marketing campaigns and they wonder why their business is not growing.

Marketing is more than just promoting or selling or advertising your products or services, NO! it is about BUILDING CONNECTION AND COMMUNICATION with people by building genuine relationship with them.

Marketing is a wide concept and if you want to be successful in building a marketing campaign, then you need to look at the following factors:

1. Have a mission. Do you have a mission statement by which your business functions? This is important because it is what that leads to number 2

2. Ideal Client: This is your real audience that will truly need your product and services and when i said that i meant just that and your mission statement helps you to know the audience to whom you have been sent.

You can't group everybody under one umbrella. No. You need to identify people who SPECIFICALLY NEED your products or services. Talking to everybody is talking to no one.

You need to do what is known as IDEAL CLIENT RESEARCH where you seek to know the people that you sent to and are connected to you. In one word, FINDING THE RIGHT AUDIENCE
Then know what their issues and problems are and see if you have the solutions to it.

If you want to know how that works, then read this book . it will guide you on the buying behaviours of your business clients

3. Create products and services in line with their problems and solutions and then start your campaign.

My friend it is not enough to do a marketing campaign, you need to do the ones that will be effective; meaning is result oriented and powerful giving maximum impact and the above will help you do that.

My Book here will show more simple steps to building an effective marketing campaign. I will advice you that before you venture into your next marketing campaign, get me book and know the steps so that you can structure to get your desired results

if you have questions, kindly comment below.

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