Monday, September 10, 2018

Creation Of Wealth

Time and Money
I have been longing for awhile to teach you this.
So sorry if I have not been consistent in my postings
Truth be told, I write by INSPIRATION. I will rather wait to have something rich and highly valuable to share with you that have changed my life than just post anything that comes to mind.
The month of August has been a good and rich month of a new beginning and restoration and great sales too. Grateful to God.
So when you don't hear from me, just know that am cooking something rich and valuable to share with you later that will be worth the wait.
Okay that said, today's topic is one of my favourite that I can teach non stop because the day I discovered it, my life LITERALLY TOOK A NEW DIRECTION especially if you were once a procrastinator and that encounter was as far back as Sept 1999 in my service year.
My encounter with insights into the riches of time money came March 2017 and that was when I discovered the secrets to money flow
So what is the relationship between time and money to tap into it to fulfill your dreams?
1. You must understand that the money in your hands HAS NO VALUE IN ITSELF YET REPRESENTS SOMETHING. What is it? That is for another time.
So instead of you to pursue money RATHER FOCUS ON WHAT CREATES THE MONEY. Time is one of them.
The rich and the poor both have the same time limits, yet don't have the same results. Why? Their time usage.
2. Time is like currency too which can be both spent or invested.
If spent, no returns. If invested, it brings back great and rich dividends in form of opportunities around you to make money.
3. Mother Nature or God every year endowed every one of us with this time money on the midnight of each new year based on this time statistics:
A. 24hrs a day
B. 18760 hrs/yr
C. 525,600mins/yr
D. 31,536,000secs/yr.
This is like God making everyone a potential multi millionaire every year. How? By learning how to convert each hr/min/secs into money.
If a $ is made per sec, how much is that in a year? That is $31,536,000 in a year. Is this possible? Absolutely!
The following are already achieving it:
The banking industry
The Airline industry
E Commerce Sites
Conglomerates group of companies like Rich Dad inc, Microsoft, Apple inc etc
This is to commemorate what Warren buffet said that 'if you do not think of a way of MAKING MONEY WHILE SLEEPING, YOU WILL WORK TILL YOU DIE!'

You must understand jhow money flows.
i am presently running an online coaching course program titled, ' TIME MANAGERIAL COACHING COURSE PROGRAM' that will teach you on what you read here and how to tap into the following money ways:
1. Time
2. Energy
3. Value Creation.

Do you know how you can turn each into money and learn more? it si $300 for a whole month! if you are interested, contact me via email or on whatsapp at +2349091983452

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