Tuesday, September 11, 2018

How to Sell: The Psychology of Selling

To know about the intrinsic of selling and to know how to sell, you need to know what the PSYCHOLOGY OF SELLING is.
While dealing with clients and in my prospects and research, I realize that the MAJOR problem Entrepreneurs, marketers, Business Owners, Coaches etc face most is how to sell their products and services to get buying clients.
One thing is selling is more than advertising your products and services. It is a wrong misconception and that is why people get so frustrated when no one buys. What is wrong then?
You need to refocus your mind on this marketing concept known as THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SELLING.
Like the name depict, psychology deals with the thinking process. The thinking behaviour of selling and it involves YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILL.
There are 4 major communication tools that you must understand
1. Your face
2. Your voice
3. Your mind
4. Your hands.
How do these communication tools work.
Your face, your voice and your hands communicates your how ie how you convey your words. A smiling face for instance communicates friendly approach and your clients are prone to open up to you more than with a frowny look.
Your mind communicate what you say.
Now how you use these communication tools will determine your selling rate.
I have been selling for since 1999 sept and to the glory of God, I have never failed to sell once and I mean once.
Psychology of selling therefore deals with HOW YOU COMMUNICATE AND CONNECT with your potential clients and that is to PULL INTO THEIR EMOTIONAL HOT BUTTONS. This is where the secret to selling lies.
Secondly, you need to know the RIGHT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES that SUITS your clients need. This is why you need to know WHAT YOUR CLIENTS WANT AND NOT WHAT YOU THINK THEY WANT
They can think for themselves and to do this, is to know and research first if THERE IS AN EXISTING NEED for your product or service before you even launch out!
Selling is all attached to emotions. You must understand the Buyer's Journey Process or your business will come to a stand still even if your products are solid
Thirdly, you must also know that YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE is NOT MEANT FOR EVERYBODY. let that sink in for awhile. Yes. You are not sent to EVERYBODY BUT JUST A FEW.

what to do is to use the marketing concept known as IDEAL CLIENT RESEARCH which will show the people who actually need your products.

You need to streamline to those WHO CAN'T do without your products or services and how do you do that? it is by using the ASK METHOD technique which uses the POWER OF RIGHT QUESTIONS to connect to your real ideal client who badly needs your product.

You need to use both the open and closed questions which your prospects might be asking in their heads eg if you sell a weight loss product, what questions do you think such prospects will be thinking? The questions that might be coming will be 'How can i burn my fat? How can i lose weight and have more energy?' 
These questions will connect with them at a deeper level than just advertising your product. It brings your own audience out of the crowd to connect and communicate with you to help them.

You may ask how can i know more how to connect and communicate with my clients using the RIGHT QUESTIONS, you will find this resource highly valuable here
To know more about how to sell, click here

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