Monday, September 10, 2018

Creating and Building an Effective Sales Funnel

Creating and Building an Effective Sales Funnel
Hello there and welcome to another business and working week.
Today in helping you build your business, I want to teach you on how to create and build AN EFFECTIVE SALES FUNNEL.
What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a sale concept or idea or design through which your sales enter through.
See your sales funnel has the roof over your business house which prevents you from hardship, rain or storms which is characterized by lack of sales, buying clients, lnability to sell etc.
It is the avenue by which your business survives. You don't have a sales funnel in place, you won't make money and your business will get stuck or plateau and literally shut down.
For that not to happen to you, you need to create a sales funnel.
Examples of sales funnel you can create for your business are
1. Website
2. Blog
3. Email list
4. Opt in page
5. Coaching course programs/ Online Courses
6. Digital products
7. Video marketing
8. Client Magnet
Just to mention a few.
These are some of the sales funnels that you can create for your business.
But you see creating them DO NOT GUARANTEE their successes
Note the word effective. Now you have perhaps created your email list or client magnet or website or blog, you need to build them to generate sales.
It is not enough to create or have the funnel, something must come through it and that is sales, thus been termed SALES FUNNEL
How do you build an effective sales funnel therefore?
1. Know your mission.
2. Know your audience, that is your real ideal audience
3. Be a master persuader and not someone who tries to convince
4. Use the direct response marketing in your sales copy
5. Give rich content on those funnels
6. Connect and communicate at the soul level in your sales copy
7. Use the plabo's theory of the 80/20 rule.
8. Then sell your products and services.
You will notice that I put sell on the last list. Why?
It is because it is NOT Paramount UNTIL a connection, trust and credibility are being built with your audience.

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