Thursday, July 19, 2018

Buying Behaviour of Business Clients

Are you struggling to get clients in your business and it is getting you frustrated every minute? Then you might want to read this as it addresses that pain point.
Consistent sales are attached to generating consistent buying customers either from old or new and to get consistent buying clients is to know their behavioural pattern of how they purchase.
People purchase via their emotions known as DOPAMINE. It is what creates the excitement in us. It is an hormone in our body system triggered by the brain
People go through what is known as the BUYER'S JOURNEY PROCESS. It is the same as the BUYER BEHAVIOUR OF BUSINESS CLIENTS and involves 6 stages. What are they?
1. Awareness of needs
Your clients have a need and they are aware of that need looking for a solution. You need to know what that need is and you only know via what is known as the IDEAL CLIENT RESEARCH where you find out the pain points of your prospects, the kind of solution they are looking for, price and packaging, who they are etc
2. Research for solutions
Here your prospects search for solutions via questions on the net and uses certain keywords to describe their pain points.
You need to identify this via the open and closed questions. For details on this, I have a resource that teaches this in details. Message me if interested.
3. Comparison of Solutions
Here they look for the best solutions that can offer best and fast results.
If your products and services have that, the better for you. This is why quality outweighs quantity
4. Evaluation of solution
Here based on the comparison of solutions by your prospects, they do an evaluation to what suits their need. This is where creating an ideal client research helps a lot.
Here you will need to wrap your products or services to what you have found out in your research to get picked by your prospect. This is key game
5. Final Purchase
Based on 1-4 your prospect decides and then purchases. Here you need to help in their buying process
6. Loyal customer.
Once you are successful in giving your prospects what they can't find elsewhere you lock them up as loyal customers for life.
for more full details on how to use these 6 behavioural patterns to gain buying customers or clients, click here for more.

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