Monday, November 15, 2021

How to Use Synergy in Marketing


Synergy has been a marketing concept many marketers and perhaps Entrepreneurs have used most often and yet do not know the format by which it truly works

Synergy is a powerful concept if you know how to put it into good use. To do this is to first understand the true meaning of what a concept is.

We see the word 'concept' used most often again this time abused. Why? Misplaced meaning.

So what is a concept?
In layman's terms, a concept is the reason behind a thing or idea. My best definition is 'A concept is a DESIGN by which an idea works.' If it does not have a structure or a design or a frame by which that idea can work, IT IS NOT A CONCEPT. IT IS JUST A MERE IDEA

But when there is a system or a structure in place to make your idea work, then that idea becomes a concept

Where therefore does Synergy comes in?
Synergy comes in when you combine two CORRECT concepts together to form a powerful entity that works and performs better than each individual concept.

The image of this post is an example of synergy. A graphic design in combination with a text ad creates a greater view than its individual work. Get it?

Another example: Sodium and Chlorine in their individual ions will not work better than when the two come together to form table salt which is Sodium Chloride

How then do you use synergy in marketing?
1. You need to know the 12 marketing concepts you have in your industry
2. Know the fundamentals on which marketing is built
3. Know how each of these concepts can be combined together

For instance, online marketing is never the same as the offline own
PPC is not the same as the TV advert, so you can't combine both together, that is not synergy.

For example selling, attitude, price, customers are some of the marketing concepts that we have, to use synergy here is to know how to correctly combine them to grow your marketing campaign or business to form a true and powerful synergy

To know more on how to use this marketing concept more to grow your business on a larger scale, get my detailed resource here

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

How to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown [8 Easy Ways]

This fear has kept many potential entrepreneurs from starting out in business and kept their gifts they could have used to change their world in perpetual bondage and cage and now IT IS TIME TO SET SUCH FREE, thus my message to you today.

Are you plagued by this fear? Paralyzed each time you are about to take a new venture to your dream and you are so paralyzed with this fear of unknown?

My dear friend, it is time to face that fear if you are to fulfill your purpose in life or get to your next level in life.

Every body you see today who amounted to something or achieved what no man had ever achieved had had to face their own fear of unknown. Check any industry you will see the same scenario.

Courage is not an absence of fear BUT THE ABILITY TO FACE THE FEAR!

I had had to face mine too even as I write, but it so worth it, because you will never know how much potential is buried in you, how much riches, wealth and exploits await you UNTIL YOU FACE THAT FEAR

I am not asking you to just jump into the unknown like that and be brave. No! I am asking you that before jumping into the unknown, do the following

1. Know what you TRULY DESIRE and know if it is worth taking the risk for. If where you are going is greater than where you are coming from, then it is worth the whole risk.
2. Gain adequate and relevant information on where you are going and what it will take you to get there. You don't jump with a parachute thinking it will open on the way. That is signing up for disaster. You don't go into the battle with an untested rifle.
3. Get coached. Get trained. It will build you stamina for what you are to encounter. It is like building your life's muscles.
4. Have a passion and vision that will not give up.
5. Get all the necessary tools for the journey that can and will enhance your success.
6. Have a business journal where you plan and master mind your take off and so you will know when you get there.
7. Prepare and plan for how to overcome what lies ahead. How to overcome the challenges on the way.
8. Burn the bridge and cut off all alternatives when you are ready. This ensures you succeed. No quitting

These 8 simple tricks are what I used to overcome my fear of unknown and jumped into the water and succeeded. People closed to me never thought I could make it. Well I did beyond their imagination

Thursday, August 12, 2021

How to Write Content That Sells


As technology is advancing and people are seizing the online platform to make another good income, some are not that fortunate due to the fact that they lack CONTENT THAT CAN SELL.

SOME FIND IT DIFFICULT to engage their audience via their content to buy from them or to market their products and services and this is what this post is all about, to give an EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT SOLUTION to this dilemma

So, if you are in the following niche, then your content matters in generating sales for you
1. Business
2. Marketing
3. Advertising
4. Copywriting
5. Content Marketing
6. Infopreneurship ie you are in the digital world or you are a writer or author
7. Entrepreneurship
8. Business Owners
9. Start-ups
10. Online Business
11. Website design
12. Graphic designing etc

In other words, as long as you are in the online business or in the above niche, IT IS YOUR CONTENT that will stand for you.

Your content stands as your advocate whether you are worthy enough to be an authority in solving their
problems or not.

The above niche or profession make you A CONTENT CREATOR but however, what kind of content creator are you?

Writing content is NOT JUST TO PUT UP WORDS but how you write or express your thoughts that your audience can actually relate with it and then ACT ON IT.

Does your content carry with it authenticity, results and emotions that cares?

If you don't care about the people you are trying to reach, YOUR CONTENT WILL LACK POWER to perform, this is the reason why as a content creator, you need to know how to write with EMPATHY.

Content creation is more than just using it to make money. This is where being a copywriter content creator SUPERSEDES ITS COUNTERPART which is content marketing

What is the difference? How can you tell the difference?

How can you write content that sells and truly connects with people to buy while they get solutions to their issues?

How do you connect and communicate with potential clients via your content?

What distinguishes a true content creator who sells from those who don't?

Is spelling and grammar important in writing a good sales copy?
Many think it doesn't matter. It does because it is what forms your entire content in the first place.

People will not mind your commas or punctuations, but will readily notice spelling mistakes or grammar if it is rampant and will turn back.

If you can't write in simple English of differentiating past, present, and future tenses with at least the basic nouns and pronouns, then you will definitely run into a lot of loses of sales due to this.

This is the reason why as a content creator, you need to learn to READ AND GET YOUR MIND TRAINED and not joke with your essential basic school.

In my new release ebk, which is on preorder , you will get answers to ALL the questions I asked above eg there are 4 elements that must be within your content to make it sell, do you know them?

I will tell you ONE: YOUR INTRO.

Very important because it is what will determine whether your audience will stay with you till the end or not.

lastly, what should be the LENGTH of your content before it can sell?
These and more do my new ebk solve for you.

You can get to my site below to preorder [serious people only pls] because once you purchase, YOU ARE USING IT IMMEDIATELY TO CHANGE THE TONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and start writing content that your audience will not be able to refuse.


Do you have results for the content you are writing right now? Does it have an evidence? How are you using this marketing concept; THE PSYCHOLOGY IOF SELLING?

Do you use it to disrupt your clients' privacy in the name of knowing their problems and in the end push the very people you are trying to make them buy from you? There is a proper to use this concept that your client will appreciate you

These and more are fully discussed plus a blue print of the enormous power of engaging copywriting rather than content marketing in your write up

People online are preordering right now, don't be left out.

preorder now to access this powerful book NOW

Your content can sell, LEARN THE HOW TODAY!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Turning Your Skills into Money


Hi there and welcome to another business insight to help you grow

I guess my topic to you today might not be new and may be, BUT IT IS A VERY SIGNIFICANT topic that can and will change your life, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO UNLOCK THE TREASURES WITHIN IT.

You are going through some financial hard up right? Perhaps you are in debt and it's like you are on the verge of losing everything as a result and no possible way of escape, things are so damn tight and no light in the tunnel? or you SUFFER a major setback in your business and to start up again is like difficult and you are on the verge of quitting?.

Do the above describe your case right now and don't KNOW PRECISELY what to do? I have good news for you my friend, THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE TUNNEL FOR YOU AND A WAY OUT.

You see, have been in this case before and I got out, how? That is my message to you today and I WILL BE ASKING YOU SOME QUESTIONS that will lead you to the answer, for questions are the answers.

when you are in a situation like this, it's like you need a miracle and you need to look around, so my question to you is

You see those three questions, in them lie your answer. The miracle you are looking for is in YOUR HOUSE, YOUR HAND AND IN WHAT YOU HAVE that has the ability to SOLVE SOMEONE'S PROBLEMS.

It doesn't matter whether you have eaten or not, YOU CREATE WHAT YOU WILL EAT FROM WHAT YOU HAVE OR IS IN YOUR hand, it doesn't matter whether it is insignificant, so I ask again, 'what do you have in your hand that can solve someone's problems right now?'

Identify it, you have? Good, but i don't have any money to do anything, you say. Then BORROW THE VESSEL NEEDED.

You see this is how the rich gets rich: THEY BORROW PEOPLE'S MONEY in the bank, package their products and then GO AND SELL, pay back the debts from the profit and then LIVE ON THE REST.

Now before you do this, you have to first UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLE OF SELLING, because this is the GAME CHANGER HERE, okay you don't know how to borrow, but do you have specialized knowledge that YOU CAN TEACH: ANYTHING? Because the WAY OUT is to turn YOUR SKILL INTO MONEY.

You are an answer to someone's prayers, a bridge for someone to cross to the other side, you need to locate it, IT MIGHT LOOK LIKE THE WIDOW'S OIL but it did brought her out of her debt, her son's intended slavery by the creditors she owed and did come right on back from a bankrupt business and into the limelight, IF SHE CAN, SO CAN YOU but how did she do it?

How was her jar of oil able to help her? How was she able to pay her debts, come out of bankruptcy as a result? All these are all answered here

You can come out of that dilemma right now, you can come out of that debt, that setback business, and live again but you need knowledge, NOT JUST ANY KNOWLEDGE, BUT APPLIED KNOWLEDGE, the one that is practical enough to show you what to do and you can do or act on to see results.

The knowledge that can birth IDEAS into you and you soar like the Eagle, that is the knowledge you need and it is what I offer to you today, seize it, dwell on it, answer the questions sincerely, write down if necessary and then ACT.

Go for further knowledge UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO LEARN on it, IT MEANS YOU HAVE REACHED WHAT HELMSMAN SAID ON STUDY, 'SATURATION' that is THE INDEPTH KNOWLEDGE ABOUT A SUBJECT MATTER that you are able to use the INFORMATION AND TURN IT INTO A SKILL and use it to make money, that is what my resource this morning will do for you: BRING YOU OUT

Share your testimonies with me and blessed week ahead

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Turning Your Ideas into Realities


Happy weekend to you.
I want to ask you, 'Do you have ideas running through your mind and you have been trying to get them manifested, but it's like you are not getting anywhere, no matter what you do?'
Well, I have good news for you, it is possible. You just have to understand how your HUMAN MIND works.
Inside your mind is your imagination which is where your ideas are born, it is your inner eye and it is a different thing for you to see and for you TO HOLD IN YOUR HANDS WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN.
It is a different thing to see yourself rich and another to live RICH, get the point? good and that is my message to you this weekend.
To the glory of God, I have seen many of my ideas coming into realities again, even when I was NOT EVEN looking for it eg First when I was a kid and I read about a boy asking God and not receiving, then smith wigglesworth showed that boy the how. Ask God from your heart and know His heart that He wants you to have the best of things and thank Him for it and the boy asked for a balloon with a kite.
Smith wigglesworth told the boy to describe the balloon with the kite that God won't miss it that if he sees it outside. he will shout 'That is my kite with a balloon'
The boy got the message and did exactly that and started boasting about it all excited yet the balloon wasn't made manifested yet the boy was never gloomy, then one day, someone came to visit the parents and hold and behold the man asked of him as he was playing outside and he was called and hold and behold, THE EXACT KITE WITH THE BALLOON in the hand of the man and with the man a coupled of them and told him 'have always wanted to buy this for you, but I kept forgetting and I wanted to surprise you so as a result of my delay, I bought as much and then to say thank you, I bought you some extra lollipop you love and some candies too'
Tears swell up in the eyes of the boy and he looked up to heaven and said 'Thank you, thank you and thank you. I have received the gift i asked for and thank you for the additions too, they are well received and appreciated.'
That story stuck with me for life and it has been the way I have been asking God for things ever since and I have seen Him do it again and again eg I have been asking God and picturing myself been at the top of my class in high school, it came to pass when I met God at the assembly ground in my sec school.
2. Saw myself in the University, It came to pass, even after making one of the highest JAMB result of the 1992 set then, 208, that Jamb that year was so bad, that university of Ilorin had to step down to 180 as cut off mark, yet no entrance, so when I was told they didn't know what was going on, I went into the word and use Isaiah 43 and by the time I was back [I had a small job after ss3 to buy time], my name had appeared in 3 places, I was told to come and select which i will prefer: Botany, Chem/Edu or Bio/Edu, I went for the third one and a graduate with double honours as B.SC[ED] to God's glory
So many to share, even based on films to watch, I see it happen before me even though I had forgotten all about it including meals I have loved and cherished, I see them happen, it was then I knew that THE LAW OF ATTRACTION is very true: YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU SEE OR SAY.
This is how I got laptops, android phones etc even now.
To make your ideas a reality, you need to know how to connect with the universe and how your mind works in connection to it.
You need to know how to turn that imagination into realities or else you will continually live in frustration, this is where reading helps you to see the way to it.
In my mind building artillery, I wrote the how down explaining in full details how i have been able to turn my ideas into realities again and again including coming out of debts.
Here is the link if you are interested
 you need to learn how to bring those treasures in you out INTO REALITIES like I do, believe me, I have so many that I can't share them enough
Blessed weekend ahead
Just turned 2 of my long ideas into realties this week
Two years buried ebooks came alive and sold online [I have shared them with you on this blog]
  1. How to Become a Successful Online Entrepreneur

Am telling you, I got all these done in ONE WEEK, yet it had been buried in me for 2 YEARS!
Have buried ideas for years: 2-10 years yet nothing? eh, it doesn't need to take too long, mine wasn't, let my mind building ebook show you the step by step to get it, BELIEVE ME, it will surprise you, HOW SUPER EASY IT IS IF YOU KNOW THE HOW, KNOW IT NOW!
Your information service provider sharing what works in business, marketing, life, relationship/marriage, money, investment, health and ministry, MINISTERING TO YOUR TOTAL MAN

Friday, March 26, 2021

How to Become a Successful Online Entrepreneur


With the rapid change going on in the world today via Technology, numerous ordinary people have found solitude in online business and some have made a name for themselves and some are not that fortunate and so result in scamming and robbing people of their hard earned money, so more people are being careful and so successful Online entrepreneurs are getting fewer by the day and thus the essence of sharing my secrets of building a successful online business and thus being a successful online entrepreneur
Many think that the online business or the internet is a scammy place but I have come to tell you it is not so. It is a GLOBAL NETWORK, a system of communications and methods of commerce by allowing various computer networks around the world to interconnect.
This means internet is connecting a network of computers to one another supplying information etc across the globe, thus the name WORLD WIDE WEB, been carved from a spider as NET. This is where the www and https come into existence and that is the only way you can be connected to the global network.
As at 2020, over 4.5 billion people across the globe are now connected to the internet and this is where online business is the RICHEST in the world as you are connected to the GLOBAL NETWORK via the www and https url or link, this is where running or owning a website or blog gets you seen by anyone with a computer or a connection by a network provider and thus you easily transact online, and in as much as there is connectivity and money, you can be successful.
Online business is something that is NOT SCAMMY if done properly and it is the safest place to do business and interact with the global network and FIND LIKE MINDED PEOPLE LIKE YOU.
It becomes scammy when people are there to EXPLOIT people by providing false information on products and services that are not real and thus people are scared of such.
It is to help people like me, who couldn't perhaps use their physical body to work due to ill health etc and yet still wants to be useful to earn to take care of themselves and their families and be successful to help others.
I know I may not have made my millions but am grateful for the successes I have made online since i entered into this cyber space on Nov 4 2013 and oh the joy of earning online by connecting with earning sites at the online world which I have shared with you on this page like SFI, RAGP, FLEXXITY, RECA and Ecommergy, Smashwords and Amazon, then creating my own Ecommerce site on my own [Still work in progress]
You see these legit sites are making millions and billions because THEY UNDERSTOOD THE ONLINE WORLD, it is a GLOBAL NETWORK OF COMPUTERS like a cyber space.
Do you understand GLOBAL SPACE OF COMPUTERS connecting together? How much do you think will be on that space yearly? TRILLIONS , now you think your success is tied to that job when you have another computer in your hand via your smartphone and you sit down there saying these sites and the online world is a scam? YOU ARE FAR FROM THE TRUTH! YOU NEED YOUR INNER EYES TO BE OPENED
There is a RIGHT WAY OF DOING THINGS, you don't take action, YOU WILL BE LEFT BEHIND and only you will regret it.
Just as you have things done in the physical world, so we have it in the ONLINE WORLD too, just this time, IT IS VIRTUAL
There is food called knowledge there and restaurants, which when you locate online, you connect offline.
There is the shopping mall via Jumia etc
There is the banking Industry taking their share and connecting with clients online for free registering of accounts and they are having explosive subscribers daily
There is the advertising arm, name anything physically, you will find its counterparts online, this is why, you need to understand the online world
SEIZE THAT WORLD NOW eg on Flexxity online, I have up to $4000 worth of services there [as the writing of this post], so if I come tomorrow or you hear i made over $4000 online, HELLO, I MADE IT VIA THAT SITE because it has a huge customer base and most of these sites mentioned above use the business strategy known as THE LAW OF PARTNERSHIP to grow and key into the online world eg RAGP partnered with glo, mtn, etisalat, airtel, cable providers, those with the GIANT NETWORKS in the online world and made billions and you are saying IT IS A SCAM? HELLO, ignorant men are the ones that think like that, when you understand the ONLINE WORLD, oh my God, you will TAKE DECISIVE ACTION IMMEDIATELY, me I don't waste time.
A business owner, or self employed ARE NOT ENTREPRENEURS, why? They own SHOPS NOT COMPANIES, THEY HAVE APPRENTICES AND NOT EMPLOYEES, get the gist ? but the online world helps you become one, by creating a website for yourself and you connect with the global network to bring your business online to help people via your products and services and you get PAID IN ANY CURRENCY in the world [let that SINK IN for awhile]
That is the juicy there eg on the 19th Of MARCH after receiving my Feb royalty from smashwords in $, i got a sales report that I made a sale from KOBO in NZD ie New Zealand Dollar [Believe me, I have never made such IN MY ENTIRE LIFE COMBINED, LOL, BUT THE ONLINE WORLD MADE IT POSSIBLE]
Again I made another sale in Feb which they paid me in March at odilo [another smashwords retail outlet online in euros] This client bought one of my marketing ebooks, [how to become a great salesman with 25 steps] in euros and he was from SPAIN, wow. Yet it was made while sleeping.
From scribbled, I made $35.10, one time, sometimes my royalty climbs to $100 or $68.10 and all WITHDRAWN, some I use for my SFI business, so I don't use my personal money to run my online business and this is minus my commissions made in SFI, again in $
It is ONLY ONLINE can you make money while sleeping, once you set the system up and running, you can't on your own, you partner with successful sites who have the tools.
Money in $, euros, yen, pounds etc oh my is way far better than your national currency o and you don't need to DOPE ANYONE TO GET IT [I just shared sites THAT PARTNERS with businesses to help them grow online, SEIZE THEM NOW and use that phone network in your hand to start
I started in NOV 4 2013 with just my NOKIA C2 but today not anymore, now am using an android phone and owning a laptop plus soon a lot of other business tools like an Iphone etc and it is possible because I HAVE SET LOTS OF SYSTEMS DOWN TO GET IT

want to know more on how to seize this cyber space and build a successful online business plus LEARN HOW TO BECOME AN ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR, IF YOU ARE ALREADY RUNNING AN ONLINE BUSINESS and tour the world from your earnings while sleeping, solving people's problem in the process, getting paid for it? Go here

It will surprise you the amazing things you can achieve in the online world and fulfill your dreams while serving others in the global network

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Marketing VS Advertising: Are They The Same?


Hello there and welcome to another business insight that will help build your business.

we see these two concepts been interchanged pretty often but are QUITE DIFFERENT

I don't know if you have had the opportunity of being taught SETS or subsets, am not a mathematician, but SETS is one of my best topic in maths while in high school, now a set is just a group of numbers in a BOX eg [1,2,3,4....] is a set of ordinary numbers, [2,4,6,...] is a group of SET of even numbers, now 4 is a subset of both ordinary and even sets, meaning 4 is a subset of [2,4,6,...] because it can be found in both boxes, so is marketing and advertising.

Advertising IS A SUBSET of marketing and NOT MARKETING ITSELF, it is like an arm of the real deal.

Marketing is vast and thus the essence why you need to know the difference, so you know how to PLAY your business online eg now you know advertising is not marketing per se, it GIVES YOU AN OPPORTUNITY to reprogram your business marketing campaign to give you your desired results eg In marketing, there is your customer experience, that doesn't require an advert, BUT IT IS A VERY POWERFUL ESSENTIAL TOOL in building a thriving business.,

what of communication skills? This is the MARKETING SKILL that spells your success in ADVERTISING, you blow it here, your advertising will be a disaster, knowing how to connect and communicate with your clients is MARKETING and NOT ADVERTISING, and it is something you need to know how to do before you launch.

Launching a product IS THE ADVERTISING CHANNEL of marketing and how you do it is what spells the way YOU MARKET the product, everything in marketing must be integrated if success is to be spelled. eg the following are what constitutes MARKETING

1. Product/Services

2. Communication skills

3. Customer experience

4. Sales

5. Advertising

6. Copywriting

7. SEO 

8. Content marketing

9. Affiliateship

10. Networking, just to mention a few, so the issue is how much of marketing are you actually utilizing in building your online business and business at large?

Don't even know how to start? Begin by knowing the CONCEPTS that form the NICHE CALLED MARKETING and then use each concept to build


My site will enlighten you more, click here

This way you will know the best way to bring your marketing to LIFE!

If you find it invaluable and this information helped your business, pls comment below and thank you

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